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From the Airport to the Trullo

The House is situated near the town of Alberobello in the Puglia region of Southern Italy. It is easily accessible from either of the two airports (Bari & Brindisi).

The journey to the Trullo is very easy with one motorway, one turn off onto a smaller (main) road and a very easy route to the house from Alberobello. With the ring road actually bypassing the town.

For some people we understand it may be quite daunting; getting into the ‘wrong side’ of a car and heading off on unknown roads. Equally, once off the plane and in the car, you are eager to get to your destination and begin the holiday.

For these reasons, we want to make the experience as easy and peaceful as possible, giving you perfect step-by-step directions with photo's for easy recognition.

The journey takes around 45minutes to an hour and is stress free.

Depending on the time of day you arrive, you have some fantastic views, especially as you pass over the mountains looking back over the coastline: a definite photo opportunity.


The two airporst servicing the Trullo are Bari and Brindisi via British Airways, Ryanair, Easy Jet or Alitalia.

In some cases it is worth flying into one airport and out of another in order to get the best deal. It is easily done, as both airports are easy to find, and it is possible to pick up your hire car from one airport and drop it off at another; most of the time with no extra cost.

The flight times are around 2.5hrs outward and 3hrs return.

Both airports are small in comparison to the likes of Stanstead and Gatwick, but provide all your needs with car hire, and refreshments.

They are very user friendly, with easy access from the main 'Autostrader' (motorway)

The connection flights are ok, via Alitalia. They fly into either Rome or Milan with connecting flights a little later to Bari. Note, in some cases you need to transfer between airports (Milan) at different sides of the city. This is easily done via a coach at around €10. There's plenty to do in the airports, and can be handy if you want to pick up a low cost Coccinele bag or other designer bargains with plenty of shops in the airport.

From England:

Gatwick to Bari or Brindisi
Stanstead to Bari or Brindisi.
Heathrow, Newcastle, Manchester to Bari (Via Rome or Milan)

Other airports offering flights to Bari:
Southampton, Leeds/Bradford, Durham Tees Valley Airport (MME).

Check for various deals on Alitalia, Air France and Lufthansa

From Scotland:
Aberdeen, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Inverness;

From Northern Ireland:

Car hire - You can also book via

Car hire is easy and inexpensive.
You can pick up your hire car from one airport and drop it off at another; most of the time with no extra cost.
Most companies expect you to have a credit card in order to book, but for those who don’t have credit cards, has been able to provide bookings with a cash deposit at the arrival airport.

ID required:

  • Driving licence (both parts)
  • Credit Card
  • Printed Internet agreement