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(Trullo – singular. Trulli – plural).

Roughly circular in shape, Trulli are normally built from solid limestone blocks, which can be up to 2 metres thick. Today, the builder will use a limestone morter, ‘Calcio’, to seal the spaces between the rocks; away from the dry-built style adopted by the ancient Pugliesi. They consist of an inner and outer wall filled with stones, or cork in recent years, which act like an insulation. These thick walls help to keep the home cool in the hot summer months and warm in the winter.

The roof or cupola was formed using smaller, hand cut stone (‘chianche’) laid in slightly decreasing circles creating a balance and avoiding the need for larger blocks or thick beams to support the roof and tiles. Dating back to the years when peasant farmers coul not afford to buy such items and wood may have been in short supply.

A final layer of flat, angled stones cover the cone allowing rainwater to flow away from the building. The ingenious stone channels within the roofs and walls collect the rainwater into an underground water tank (‘cisterne’) to be used for drinking water or irrigation.

Finishing off the wonderful building is the pinnacle, a hand- carved stone that normally cradles a 10-inch stone ball or other shapes said to represent the creator’s signature.

Various symbols are sometimes painted onto the darker stone of the cupola, although their origins remain unknown. These symbols come in the form of Primitive, Christian and Mystical. Here are a few examples.